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Quo Vadis, Training in Public Administration?

Conference "Quo Vadis, Training in Public Administration?" was successful

November 2016

The conference was opened by the deputy minister of interior  for  Section of Social and Health Security, Security Research and Program Management Mgr. Monika Pálková, MPA, who overtook the conference auspices.

Furthermore, in the initial session of opening ceremony took their speeches the director of the Institute doc. JUDr. David Zámek, PhD., deputy minister of interior for civil service RNDr. Josef Postránecký, president of The Association of Adult Education Institutions in the Czech Republic Mgr. Jana Brabcová, head of The Association of Chief Local Executives of Municpal Authorities Ing. Jaromír Zajíček, MPA, head of Institute of Education and Communication, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague prof. Ing. Milan Slavík, CSc. and director of prison Rýnovice plk. Mgr. Vlastimil Kříž.

In the afternoon session there were presented six crucial papers covering all conference topics. i.e training in public administration, training of managers and training for internal security.

The second was dedicated to presentations in sections, in total 12 papers were presented.

Most speeches were recorded with the consent of presenters and audiovisual recordings are available on the conference website

A reviewed conference monograph will be released too.


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