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Bilateral cooperation

Bilateral Cooperation

The Institute cooperates on the bilateral basis with a variety of institutions that are focused on the training in public administration. The cooperation is based mainly on the realization of short-term visits and transfer of good practice.

Study visits

Study visits have a short-term character, when participants are introduced with the  public administration system in the Czech Republic and the role of Institute in training in public administration. In past years the Institue had the oportunity to welcome delegations from the Philppines, Belarus, Vietnam, Georgia etc.

In the benicial cooperation resulted the visit of prof. Godfrey Pirotta, director of Maltese Institute o Public Administration and Management and Maltese amabassador for the Czech Republic. Following further negotiations the Institute facilitated two lectures for studnets of the Maltese Institute focused on the development of public administration in the Czech Republic after 1989 and on Act on State Service.

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