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ERT Seminars

European Reciprocal Training Programme

The Institute is active in the area European Reciprocal Training Programme (ERT). The principle is to organize three- or four days seminars focused either on the introduction of public administration system in the organizing country or on the selected topics. Visits of prestigious institutions create regular part of seminars. Seminars are offered on open basis and they are accessible for participants from countries involved in the ERT programme. Bilateral seminars are the second option. The Institute has been cooperating on this type of ERT seminars with German Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAKÖV). The speciality of ERT seminars is the facilitation of so called counterpart visit, when the participant has an opportunity to meet a representative of similar or same focus as his/her home organization and they can discuss, share experience and good practice and launch cooperation.

The Institute aims to continue with ERT activities and events.

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